Resources for Mentors






Some really great general campus resources for your mentees are:
  • - Student Resource Hub
    • The AskUCR website is a one-stop-shop for undergraduates for all campus resources.
    • Find ScottyBot - the 24/7 chatbot that will answer questions for:
  • - Strategies for Success in Online Learning
What to do when your student is facing an issue that you think is serious?

First, check out the information below for resources specific to certain issues your mentee may be having; financial issues, academic issues, or health & wellness issues.

Next, send us an Insight Flag when a mentee is experiencing a serious challenge, such as housing insecurity, academics, or financial stress.

  • If you are sending us a flag to let us know about an issue that you need assistance with, please put REQUIRES ASSISTANCE on your flag, and we will respond to your flag.
  • If you are just letting us know about an issue your student is having that you have sent them resources for, then please put INFORMATIONAL FLAG on your flag.

If you do not need to flag an issue, then make sure you are at least logging some of your conversations so we know about the kinds of topics that you are having conversations with your mentee(s) about. We never see any direct conversations you have with your mentee(s), so your privacy is assured.

If your mentee is concerned with Academic Issues:
  • Academic Advisor

    The first line of defense for a mentee who is having academic struggles is their academic advisor. Guide your mentee to the website for contact information for advising offices for each college or school. This is also a great place to send undeclared students who would like to explore different degrees on campus.

  • Academic Resource Center

    The Academic Resource Center offers great resources to assist students academically including:

    • Tutoring
    • Supplemental Instruction for a variety of UCR courses
    • Reading and writing support
    • Workshops
    • Assistance/Coaching/and Encouragement (ACE).
  • College Support Services

    Most of the UCR colleges and schools have their own student support services and peer mentor groups. Refer your mentee to the website for college-specific information.

  • Online learning support

    For tips and tricks on online learning, refer your mentee(s) to the Keep Learning website.

  • Academic Accommodations

    For any mentees who need some form of accommodations for their courses, the Student Disability Resource Center provides a wide range of services to support students at UCR.

  • Housing Academic Resources

    If your mentee lives on campus, UCR Housing provides a range of academic support services for residents including:

    • Student Housing Academic Resource Center
    • Academic programs and workshops
    • Faculty in residence
    • In-hall studying and tutoring groups.
  • Student Organizations

    We also recommend that students get involved in a student organization that matches their interests. Finding a group of other students on campus with their same interests can be inspiring and can lead to study groups and increased motivation and support for their academic career, not to mention making connections is crucial during this extended period of social isolation for us all.

  • Student Engagement

    Additionally, studies have shown that students who are engaged on campus outside of their coursework have higher GPAs, have a better sense of connection to their school, are more likely to make relationships with faculty leading to higher quality letters of recommendation, and an overall better attitude towards their academic progress that lasts into their careers. It’s never too early for students to start investigating and planning the types of activities they want to get involved in, such as:

If your mentee if concerned with Health & Wellness Issues
If your mentee is concerned with Financial Issues
  • Financial Aid (grants, scholarships, loans)

    Financial Aid website – Your mentee can get information on obtaining grants, scholarships, and loans. Even if your mentee thinks they aren’t eligible for anything, they should still reach out to the financial aid team to discuss their situation.

  • Emergency Loans

    There are also emergency funding sources at UCR that might be able to help your mentee out.

  • Financial Wellness program

    The Financial Aid office also has information on work/study programs and they run a Financial Wellness program to assist students.

  • The Well (Basic Needs)

    The Well is a great resource for basic needs assistance. They run the R’Pantry and have additional resources on housing or transportation needs. Students can also make appointments with one of the Well’s Certified Peer Health Educators to get tips and find resources related to well-being.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

    One last place to consider as a resource for your mentee would be CAPS. It might be useful for your mentee to talk with someone to help with stress.

  • Equipment Loans

    Students now have access to a loaner device program called Loan2Learn (L2L). UC Riverside has launched the L2L Program for students in need of off-campus access to a learning device. Any student who does not have off-campus access to a device that supports remote teaching and learning—such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet can apply to the L2L Program.

    Here's a link to the Loan2Learn Application Form.