Vision Statement

To empower undergraduate students to become leaders, engaged global citizens, and lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

Undergraduate Education cultivates innovative opportunities for transformative student success. Through collaboration with our students, campus, and community, we remain at the forefront of innovation and creativity to enable students to reach their highest potential.


As team members in Undergraduate Education, we value student success by practicing:

  • Diversity through our inclusion of individuals and ideas;
  • Innovation through our programs, uses of technology, and methodologies;
  • Respect for students, colleagues, and community partners;
  • Ethical conduct and accountability;
  • Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders; and
  • Transparency of our intent, conduct, and communication.

Principles of Communication

As members of the University of California, Riverside community and the Undergraduate Education team, we are committed to improving the effectiveness of our verbal, non-verbal, and written communication with our colleagues and partners by continually practicing:

  • Respect for the integrity and professionalism of one another;
  • Active listening to understand the needs and concerns of one another;
  • Constructive feedback, received and offered charitably to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all;
  • Transparency in delivering specific information in an open and timely fashion; and
  • Humility by recognizing our common goals, appreciating each other’s different communication styles, and using a positive tone with one another.

As an organization, and as individuals, we will actively seek to improve our communication skills by regularly participating in development opportunities.