What is ScottyBot?

“ScottyBot is a chatbot, which uses a knowledge base to answer your questions and guide you to campus resources 24/7/365. Find information and solve issues on the go, from any website or device (native mobile apps for iOS and Android).”

What can ScottyBot do?

Right now, ScottyBot can answer most questions related to:

  • Financial Aid
  • Housing
  • Registrar
  • Student Business Services
  • Undergraduate Admissions 
  • Undergraduate Education
    • Summer Sessions
    • Academic Resource Center 
    • First Gen
    • Student Engagement
      • Undergraduate Research
      • R'Courses
      • UCDC/UCCS (Capitol Internships)
      • Community Engagement
      • Prestigious Scholarships and Awards
      • Health Professions Advising Center

Over time we will be adding other UCR departments and live agent assistance.

What is the best way to interact with Scotty Bot?

Talk to ScottyBot using simple and short questions. Reply to questions with yes or no, or respond using the prompts supplied by ScottyBot.

Why does ScottyBot still need to learn?

ScottyBot knows a lot about UCR, but he is new and still learning. If ScottyBot doesn't know your answer, a real human will read your question and get you an answer. The more you use ScottyBot the better he becomes at answering questions for everyone at UCR! If you have any questions about ScottyBot, please email us at scottybot@ucr.edu.


Did you know?

Chatbots have actually been around since the 1960’s but have gotten more popular due to its compatibility with social network and messenger applications. In 1966, Joseph Weizenburg designed one of the first chatbots, which simulated a dialogue with a Rogerian psychotherapist. The chatbot acted as a passive therapist by rephrasing patient statements in the form of a question. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, SJSU)