DUE Speaker Series on Student Success

DUE Speaker Series #2 Macy Ring

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, the Division of Undergraduate Education hosted its second UE Speaker Series on Student Success, highlighting the importance of high-impact practices for UCR undergraduate students. The XCITE Center for Teaching and Learning in the Rivera Library hosted the event to continue promoting a space for dialogue and cross-collaboration for UCR staff, faculty, and administrators.

The event began with introductory remarks by VPDUE Rodriguez, followed by a presentation and breakout session. Macy Ring, who serves as UCR’s Program Manager for the Capital Internship Programs led the UE Speaker Series by sharing how UCR students can obtain an academic internship through the UC Center in Sacramento and UC Washington Center, also known as UCDC. The Capital Internships Program at UCR is housed in the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engaged Learning (CUREL) in the Division of Undergraduate Education, a structure VPDUE Rodriguez helped to formalize after joining the Division in April.  Macy Ring shared data showing that students who participate in Capital Internships report stronger communication and interpersonal skills along with higher confidence. Her advice to students is that growth begins when comfort ends. Students must challenge themselves to learn beyond the classroom. Internships provide real skills to face the real world!

In attendance at the UE Speaker Series were UE staff and partners across campus including leadership, advisors, and other UCR staff. The breakout session fostered a collective approach to recognizing common barriers that hinder underrepresented minority students from participating, strategizing ways to encourage students to take advantage of these programs, and identifying new partnerships across campus.  VPDUE Rodriguez shared at the close of the event that UE not only wants better representation from UCR across all Schools and Colleges, but we want to be the UC institution that sends the most students to UC Sacramento and UCDC every year.