Thank you for coming UGR Symposium 2023

The 2023 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium successfully concluded with the participation of 267 presenters across the Completed, Emerging, Creative, and Poster categories. Among the presenters, 49% delivered Oral Presentations in the Completed, Emerging, and Creative Activities categories, while 51% participated in the Poster Sessions.

It is noteworthy that over 260 guests joined the Oral Presentations via Zoom, adding to the academic and intellectual fervor of the event. We extend gratitude to all the presenters, faculty members, and the UCR community for their contributions and commitment to making this event a resounding success.

For those who missed the Symposium, we encourage you to visit the website to stay updated about upcoming symposiums and how to become a future presenter. Additionally, the recorded presentations from the event will be available on the UC Riverside Student Engagement YouTube channel in the coming weeks.