8 Unit Tuition Fee Cap

Dear UCR Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that this summer, undergraduate UCR students and visiting, active UC
students will now only be charged the per unit fee for the first 8 units the student is enrolled in.

Who Qualifies for the 8 Unit Tuition Fee Cap:

  • Current UCR undergraduate students
  • Visiting UC undergraduate students


Current UCR and visiting active UC undergraduate students will only be charged the per-unit fees for the
first 8 units enrolled. Specific course material and other campus fees based on registration will still

How it works:
First, students must register for classes! It does not matter which session the course is in or if the
courses are being offered online or in-person. They can even enroll in multiple sessions!

Then, as long as they are a qualifying student and are registered for more than 8 units, they will only be
charged the per-unit tuition for the first 8 units! Students will be charged the mandatory campus fees
and other course material fees based on their overall course enrollment.

For updated information, please refer to https://summer.ucr.edu/8-units