Happy Anniversary XCITE

On February 1, 2020, the Exploration Center for Innovative Teaching & Engagement (XCITE) was born! At the helm are Richard Edwards and Israel Fletes. The mission – to provide innovative instructional design and academic technology to inspire student engagement and excellence in teaching. Here are some of XCITE’s accomplishments in the past two years:


  • Emergency remote instruction conversion during the COVID-19 lockdown
  • The Art and Craft of Remote Teaching course
  • Adding tools and technology for remote teaching including our UCR DIY exam proctoring


  • Remote Course Conversion grants
  • The Art and Science of Student Engagement Course
  • Collaboration with launching the RISE classrooms and Student Success Center
  • Introduction of 40+ Instructional Continuity Consultants to help with tech and pedagogy


  • Canvas Migration – Drop-in sessions and webinars help instructors convert to Canvas by June 30, 2022
  • Rethinking Instructional Design for Learning Engagement Grants (RIDLE)

AND MORE TO COME!  Find out what we have in store for 2022 and beyond at teaching@ucr.