Tim Hays $660,000 Gift Announced to Endow an Honors Program Chair

Riverside, Ca –

Howard H "Tim" Hays, former owner and publisher of The Press-Enterprise newspaper, set up a charitable trust more than 20 years ago. He directed that upon his death, the remaining funds would be delivered to UC Riverside to fund an endowed chair in the University Honors program.

This nationally-respected journalist spent 51 years at the family-owned business, leading the paper to a Pulitzer prize and two important Supreme Court victories. So he knew something about planning ahead, and building on quality.

He died last October, at the age of 94. And as he requested, his trust delivered a $700,000 gift to UCR Riverside that is enough to support an endowed professorship, which will be called the Howard H Hays, Jr. Endowed Chair.

Hays and his father, Howard H Hays, Sr., were two of the community leaders responsible for urging that Riverside land a campus of the University of California. The first classes were held in February, 1954. Tim Hays served as a founding member of the UCR Board of Trustees; he supported the creation and collections of the UCR/California Museum of Photography; he established an endowed scholarship fund in honor of his father; and now has delivered on the endowed fund to support the UCR Honors program.