Undergraduate Research Transformation Project

As part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, the University of California, Riverside was selected to receive support from the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) as part of a long-term program to transform undergraduate curriculum and to integrate high-quality undergraduate research into coursework. The CUR Transformations Project will work with the departments of Psychology and Biology over a five-year period to transform undergraduate curricula and enhance early research experiences. The Office of Undergraduate Education (UE) and the Academy of Distinguished Teachers (ADT) provide oversight and coordination assistance to the project via the UCR Teaching and Learning Center and the office of Undergraduate Research. 

UCR was selected as one of twelve institutions nationwide for The Council on Undergraduate Research Transformations Project. CUR consultants, UCR principal investigators in Psychology and Biology, and educational researchers will work together to create research-based curricula to help enrich student experiences.


Undergraduate Education: Dr. Brown,

Biology Department: Dr. Maduro,

Psychology Department: Rebekah Richert,