Blue, Gold & Black Mentorship Program

The Blue, Gold & Black Mentorship Program (BGBMP) is an academic year-long (fall/winter/spring) mentoring program designed for all incoming freshman and transfer students that emphasizes the Black student experience. The mission of the Blue, Gold & Black Mentorship Program is to increase retention rates, improve 4-year graduation rates, foster a sense of belonging, and facilitate community building for participating students.

BGBMP offers a robust set of experiences and provides mentees with opportunities to engage with the following mentor groups throughout the academic year:

  • Academic advisors
  • Graduate students
  • Faculty members
  • Staff members
  • Undergraduate students

Each mentor group will provide unique insights that help program mentees navigate the road to success at UCR. Program mentees have the opportunity to connect with each mentor group in-person and virtually as well as one-on-one and group settings. The program will also provide program mentees with the opportunity to build solid relationships with faculty, staff, graduate students, and their peers that will last long after the program has ended. Participation is not limited to those who identify as African Americans or Black only. Participation will not be denied to anyone on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, veteran’s status, or sexual orientation.

Program Details

Program mentees have access to the following category of mentors that provide a unique experience and level of support.

Academic Advisors:  Program mentees have exclusive access to established academic advisors. The advisors can provide critical information regarding general academic rules, regulations, policies, and deadlines. Program mentees also have access to exclusive walk-in advising hours during week 1 through 10 for the fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Graduate Students:  Program mentees have the opportunity to spend time and communicate with UCR graduate students from various disciplines. The goal is for program mentees and graduate students to have informal conversations regarding what habits and practices can best help mentees succeed at UCR. The graduate students will also encourage program mentees to actively consider pursuing an advanced degree once they complete their undergraduate degree at UCR.

Faculty Members:  Program mentees will hear from faculty members from each of the colleges and schools. The faculty members deliver impactful presentations to inform mentees on how the various majors within their respective college or school can be used to address systematic racism and inequality as well as address issues within the Black community.

Staff Members:  Over the course of the academic year, mentees have an opportunity to engage with staff members from various departments and offices on campus. Eager to support students at UCR, the staff will deliver presentations on important topics outside of academics, such as financial management and wellness.

Undergraduate Students: Mentees have the opportunity to build relationships with other undergraduate student mentors. These mentors help mentees acclimate to UCR and provide them with insights from the students’ perspective. Undergraduate student mentors will check-in with the program mentees on a bi-weekly basis throughout each quarter. 


Blue, Gold & Black Mentorship Program mentees are expected to engage with the program in an authentic manner: be yourself and do not hold back your personality, thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires. The BGBMP experience is meant to be organic and meaningful.  

Program mentees will do their best to attend all virtual and in-person events.  We hope that this program is viewed as a priority.

Program mentees will respond in a timely manner to texts, emails, phone calls, and in-person meeting requests from their undergraduate peer mentor.

Program mentees should read and respond accordingly to all messaging from the academic advisors that are part of the mentoring program. Mentees will utilize the exclusive walk-in advising hours multiple times during each quarter.

Program mentees are expected to reach out to the program director and/or any of the various program mentors that they feel most comfortable with when dealing with any hardships or difficulties so that assistance and referrals to campus resources can be provided in a timely manner.

How to Join

If you are ready to join the Blue, Gold & Black Mentorship Program, please complete the questionnaire found at the link below, and the Program Director, Victor Moreira, will get back to you as soon as possible.


Why We Started the  Blue, Gold & Black  Mentorship Program

The mentorship program was created to enhance the student experience at UCR.

Program Partners

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Please contact the Interim Program Director, Victor Moreira, at