Academic Excellence


Undergraduate Education is working hard to improve support for the academic mission of the university. UCR students expect excellent instruction from the preeminent faculty of this campus, and our faculty and instructors want to provide the same quality education that has propelled UCR’s success.

For Students:

For Faculty/Staff:


Social Connection


Connection can be challenging, especially when we are remote. The transition to online has created barriers inside and outside of the classroom.  Undergraduate Education's ongoing dedication to improving the remote learning classroom experience with faculty and a social connection among UCR students can be found below.

For Students:

For Faculty/Staff:



Mental Health & Well-Being


As non-clinical and non-mental health professionals, we can still support other students, faculty, and staff. Be an active listener and a referral source.  Validate what they are feeling, let them know you appreciate their courage to share this information, and that help is available. Please remember to refer students to the appropriate resources.



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