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  • Honors Convocation
    Honors Convocation is an awards ceremony that recognizes high-achieving students across all four undergraduate colleges (BCOE, CHASS, CNAS, SOBA).
  • WASC Re-accreditation
    WASC Re-accreditation provides a range of support services intended to maximize UCR students' competitiveness for prestigious awards. The office works with students at all academic levels to create effective strategies for securing scholarships, fellowships, and awards.
  • GIF's Inaugural Event is A Success
    November 17th, 2015
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    The UCR community recently welcomed three political experts to participate in an active discussion on the subject of immigration policies in both the United States and Europe at the "Crossing Borders" event on Nov. 5. Hosted by the Global Issues Forum (GIF), a newly-formed group of students and faculty who are interested in international issues, the event served as an opportunity to bridge the gap between students and academic faculty. The goal was to spark a conversation around the important global issue of immigration.

    The panel included: Richard Alba, distinguished professor of sociology at City University of New York; Sara Wallace Goodman, UCI faculty and author of Immigration and Membership Politics in Western Europe; and UCR's very own Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor and associate dean of the School of Public Policy.

    The panel started off with the experts explaining their research and knowledge on immigration separately. Immigration policies, statistics of migrants and their socioeconomic effect on the country, as well as migrants' assimilation and integration into host countries were among the topics addressed in the discussion. Following the presentations, it was open-floor for the public to present their questions to the three panelists.

    Located at HUB302N, the event drew a full room of engaged UCR community members.

    Second-year undergraduate student and GIF student leader Asra Irfan said, "It was amazing to hear about immigration policies from the perspective of faculty as they highlighted important concepts from basic immigration policies to their impact on an international scale." GIF student leader Vashti Gonzalez adds, "All the faculty was very personable and I enjoyed getting to listen to their points of view on many things including politics to our hometown."

    The "Crossing Borders" event is the first of several forums that GIF will be hosting throughout the year. The next UCR Global Issues Forum is on Dec. 2 and is entitled "Living History: Austerity, Crisis, and Politics in 2015 Greece."

    Global Issues Forum: Crossing Borders Video

    UCR Global Issues Forum Website

  • UC Riverside Undergraduate Named Finalist for Marshall Scholarship
    November 5th, 2015
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    Connor Richards, has been named as a finalist for the Marshall Scholarship. This award is one of the most prestigious in the nation. Up to forty Scholars are selected each year to study at graduate level at an UK institution in any field of study.

    As future leaders, with a lasting understanding of British society, Marshall Scholars strengthen the enduring relationship between the British and American peoples, their governments and their institutions. Marshall Scholars are talented, independent and wide-ranging, and their time as Scholars enhances their intellectual and personal growth. Their direct engagement with Britain through its best academic programmes contributes to their ultimate personal success. Read more about Connor at UCR Today.

  • Conversations with Master Teachers Event
    October 28, 2015
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    The Office of Undergraduate Education in conjunction with the Academy of Scholarships, Teaching and Learning hosted its first "Conversations with Master Teachers" event on October 14. The event attracted over 125 people, including faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars. Master Teachers hosted 17 tables on topics related to teaching excellence. The event was based on a "speed dating" format, with master teachers presenting for 7 minutes and discussion for 8 minutes. "The Theatrics of Teaching," What Cognitive Science Tells Us About Learning," and "Motivating Students" were among the most heavily attended tables. Attendees rotated to as many tables as they wanted during the 3 hour event. A short lightning round followed in which participants could offer observations or ask questions about teaching.

    The event was almost certainly the largest teaching-related special event in the history of the campus. More than 90% of respondents to a follow-up survey agreed or strongly agreed that they received useful information, and more than 80% agreed or strongly agreed that they intended to implement something they learned during the event in their own classrooms. As one attendee observed, "Overall I liked the short format and set up for getting input on specific topics. This helped me to spend my time wisely by going to only the tables that had issues I felt I needed help with. Thank you for setting up this opportunity to improve my teaching."

    Master Conversations Flyer and Takeaways

  • UC Riverside's Learning Communities
    October 15, 2015

    Learning communities are a proven way to promote student success (Fairris, Peeples and Beleche, 2006; McKibben and Wallace, 2015). UCR offers robust learning community experiences, combined with peer mentorship and academic support services, to students from across the campus. In CNAS, more than half of students participate in learning communities, in which participants earn higher grades and are more likely to graduate on time. In CHASS learning communities, students take courses from across the humanities and social sciences, while also participating in first-year workshops and working with peer mentors. In 2014, CHASS also piloted pre-business learning communities for students who will transfer to SOBA. BCOE students not only take key introductory courses together, they also focus on the habits of academic success, work in multidisciplinary teams to solve real world engineering problems, and have the chance to live together in Ingenuity Hall.

  • Two UC Riverside Students Finalists for International Academic Award
    October 2, 2015

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( - Brandon Tran ('16) and Spencer Salazar ('15) from the University of California, Riverside have been named Highly Commended entrants in the Undergraduate Awards 2015.

    "I feel blessed to have had my paper reach the highly commended category on an international level," said Salazar in response to the distinction.

    The Undergraduate Awards is the world's only pan-discipline academic awards program that identifies leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework, according to Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, the director of student success programs in Undergraduate Education. It is open to all junior and senior undergraduate students in a degree course from all disciplines. Tran and Salazar, both in the University Honors programs, and students in the Psychology department, have come in the top 10 percent of this year's 5,117 submissions.

    "Undergraduate Education promoted this opportunity campus wide during the spring, and there were over 50 submissions from our campus. So, we are very excited that UCR students are being recognized at an international level, and that two are coming out of Honors and the Psychology Department," said Herrera-Berkowitz.

    Brandon Tran

    Tran's project, Pronoun Usage by Doctors and Patients in Surgical Consultations, examined physician-patient interaction and how doctors talk to their patients. Specifically, whether doctors use of group association pronouns (we/us), versus singular person pronouns (I/me), were associated with positive health outcomes for patients.

    The results of his study suggested that when doctors use "we/us" more often, patients reported significant increases in hopefulness after meeting with their physician and doctors rated the consultation as more productive overall. Tran said he believes these benefits may be due to a team-oriented mindset, which in turn provided a sense of support. He hopes his research will help innovate techniques to strengthen physician-patient communication and improve the quality of modern healthcare.

    "It has been a great honor to represent UCR on an international level. I was originally skeptical reading the email inviting me to fly to Dublin, but I am proud to have worked with such great people encouraging me to apply," said Tran.

    Spencer Salazar

    Salazar's paper, titled Morphine Induced Feeding via Intracranil Injection into the Lateral Septum: Identification of the Neural Substrates, looked at the behavior of the neurological system. His experiments were carried out in Dr. B. Glenn Stanley's lab said Salazar.

    As Highly Commended, Tran and Salazar have been awarded a certificate, will have their work published in the new online Undergraduate Library that will be launched early next year, and have been invited to attend the exclusive Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland from November, 10-November 13. Unfortunately, both have prior obligations, and will not be able to attend the summit.

  • Archived News
  • Coordinator, Special Programs (Student Academic Specialist 3)

    Reporting to the Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (UE), the coordinator leads Special Programs, which include high-impact programs for UC Riverside and visiting students during the summer and academic year. The incumbent is a highly effective program coordinator, with proven skills in conceptualizing, launching, marketing, and scaling new programs. The incumbent must have outstanding organizational, interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills; be able to manage multiple priorities; and thrive in a fast-paced work environment. The incumbent will collaborate with UE personnel, colleges, associate deans, academic senate committees, faculty members, student affairs managers, academic advisors, and other campus colleagues to implement high-impact educational programs that promote student success and academic excellence; these include, but are not limited to the Summer Academy for high school students, learning communities for community college students, and summer internship and undergraduate research programs for UCR undergraduate students.

    Position open until filled. To apply for this position please visit JOBS AT UCR.

  • Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

    Serves as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for the Office of Undergraduate Education to include the University Honors Program, Academic Resource Center, UCDC/UCCS Program, Student Success Programs, Undergraduate Research, University Writing Program, and Summer Sessions and Special Programs.

    Manages the development of annual financial plans and monitors expenditures. Coordinates the budget process to maintain sound financial conditions and compliance with relevant policies, procedures, and financial standards. Provides critical executive level support and consultation to the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education on budgetary planning/management. Coordinates financial planning activities closely with the Office of Financial Planning and Analysis. Provides strategic planning, policy development and implementation, management of human resources, management of information systems, and space planning. Responsible for the direction and oversight of all administrative support operations for the Office of Undergraduate Education. The management functions are highly complex and diverse based on the following:

    * Approx budget - $15 million from multiple funding sources

    * 58 staff; 55 lecturers; 56 TA's

    Please note: UCR is implementing a new job classification system, Career Tracks, with effective dates of September 27, 2015 for non-exempt employees and October 1, 2015 for exempt employees. The payroll title for the position for which you have applied may change at the time of hire or on September 27, 2015 and October 1, 2015, respectively. This change will not impact job duties, responsibilities or a salary that has been offered.

    Position open until filled. To apply for this position please visit JOBS AT UCR.

UCR's Graduation Rate Initiative

Last June, EVC/P Dallas Rabenstein appointed a task force to look into the causes of UCR's comparatively low graduation rates and to make recommendations to increase the campus's 4 and 6-year graduation rates.  In January, the Graduation Rate Task Force submitted its final report.  The report has been endorsed by Chancellor Kim Wilcox, EVC/P Rabenstein, and the College deans.

In the coming months the campus will post an implementation plan and reports on the implementation of the recommendations of the Task Force.

The purpose of a university is to produce "more intelligent members of society" by fostering "cultivation of the mind."

John Henry Newman, *The Idea of a University*

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