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  • Honors Convocation
    Honors Convocation is an awards ceremony that recognizes high-achieving students across all four undergraduate colleges (BCOE, CHASS, CNAS, SOBA).
  • WASC Re-accreditation
    WASC Re-accreditation provides a range of support services intended to maximize UCR students' competitiveness for prestigious awards. The office works with students at all academic levels to create effective strategies for securing scholarships, fellowships, and awards.
  • Two UC Riverside Students Finalists for International Academic Award
    October 2, 2015

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( - Brandon Tran ('16) and Spencer Salazar ('15) from the University of California, Riverside have been named Highly Commended entrants in the Undergraduate Awards 2015.

    "I feel blessed to have had my paper reach the highly commended category on an international level," said Salazar in response to the distinction.

    The Undergraduate Awards is the world's only pan-discipline academic awards program that identifies leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework, according to Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, the director of student success programs in Undergraduate Education. It is open to all junior and senior undergraduate students in a degree course from all disciplines. Tran and Salazar, both in the University Honors programs, and students in the Psychology department, have come in the top 10 percent of this year's 5,117 submissions.

    "Undergraduate Education promoted this opportunity campus wide during the spring, and there were over 50 submissions from our campus. So, we are very excited that UCR students are being recognized at an international level, and that two are coming out of Honors and the Psychology Department," said Herrera-Berkowitz.

    Brandon Tran

    Tran's project, Pronoun Usage by Doctors and Patients in Surgical Consultations, examined physician-patient interaction and how doctors talk to their patients. Specifically, whether doctors use of group association pronouns (we/us), versus singular person pronouns (I/me), were associated with positive health outcomes for patients.

    The results of his study suggested that when doctors use "we/us" more often, patients reported significant increases in hopefulness after meeting with their physician and doctors rated the consultation as more productive overall. Tran said he believes these benefits may be due to a team-oriented mindset, which in turn provided a sense of support. He hopes his research will help innovate techniques to strengthen physician-patient communication and improve the quality of modern healthcare.

    "It has been a great honor to represent UCR on an international level. I was originally skeptical reading the email inviting me to fly to Dublin, but I am proud to have worked with such great people encouraging me to apply," said Tran.

    Spencer Salazar

    Salazar's paper, titled Morphine Induced Feeding via Intracranial Injection into the Lateral Septum: Identification of the Neural Substrates, looked at the behavior of the neurological system. His experiments were carried out in Dr. B. Glenn Stanley's lab said Salazar.

    As Highly Commended, Tran and Salazar have been awarded a certificate, will have their work published in the new online Undergraduate Library that will be launched early next year, and have been invited to attend the exclusive Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland from November, 10-November 13. Unfortunately, both have prior obligations, and will not be able to attend the summit.

  • First Global Issues Forum Event Coming Soon!
    September 25, 2015
    news preview for item 2

    The first event in the inaugural year of the Global Issues Forum will provide important context for ever-growing conversations about immigration, comparing immigration policy in the US and Europe. The panelists include UCR's own Karthick Ramakrishnan; Richard Alba, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York and co-author of the book Strangers No More: The Challenges of Integration in North America and Western Europe; and Sara Wallace Goodman (UCI), author of Immigration and Membership Politics in Western Europe. The Student Leadership team for the Global Issues Forum-consisting of students returning from studying abroad, Honors program ambassadors, and Model UN leaders-is eager to welcome students, staff, faculty, and community members from across a broad range of disciplines to engage in this conversation. Join us on November 5th at 4pm in HUB 302N.

  • Marshall Scholarship Invitation
    May 29, 2015
    news preview for item 3

    Bernie Greene, Deputy Consul General of the British Consul will give a presentation on the Marshall Scholarship to UCR students on June 4, 2015. For questions please contact Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, Director of Student Success Programs,

  • UCR Undergraduates Win Strauss Scholarships for STEM-related Projects
    May 7, 2015
    news preview for item 4

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Undergraduates at the University of California, Riverside are on a success roll. First, two students won Goldwater Scholarships, announced last month. Now three undergraduate students have been named winners of prestigious scholarships from the Donald A. Strauss Foundation. Highly competitive, the Strauss Scholarship is a public service scholarship given to university students in California.

    UCR Today Article

  • Three UCR Students Selected for the CORO Fellowship
    April 16, 2015

    For the fourth year in a row UCR will be represented in the CORO Fellowship Program. Coro trains ethical, diverse civic leaders nationwide. Over 10,000 Coro alumni currently serve as leaders in local, regional and national/global businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and elected public office. This year two students have been selected to participate in the nationally competitive public service/leadership opportunity. "

    Sean Fahmian

    Sean Fahmian
    Sean Fahmian will be graduating from UC Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. As an undergraduate he was involved as an Orientation Leader, a WELL Peer Team Lead, and a Common Ground Facilitator. His most treasured accomplishments were working as an ASUCR Senator for the Bourns College of Engineering, where he received the Michael T. Sullivan Outstanding Student Representative Award. He is currently working as a Research Assistant in the Chemical Engineering Department, working as the Chair of the Highlander Union Board of Governors, and as the Vice Chair of the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee (SSFAC). His future goals include learning from Coro the connection between engineering and the local and state government and the effects that engineering will have on the local/state communities.

    "Engineers will be working closely with politicians in the near future to tackle problems such as water and energy production and I hope to be there when they do."

    Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson will be graduating from UC Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Affairs. Since discovering his passion for politics in high school, he has considered himself to be a politics enthusiast. Aaron enjoys following our nations competitive elections and staying informed about both domestic and international events by consistently reading and watching the news. As an undergraduate at UC Riverside, he served the student body for two terms first as a CHASS Senator from 2013-2013 and secondly as President Pro Tempore from 2013-2014. As President Pro Tempore, he led the student senate to pass more legislation than any other prior elected group. In summer 2014, served as a Mentor for UC Riverside’s EAOP Senior Summer Mentorship Program, which helps the I.E’s best high school students prepare for the college application process.

    "After the Coro Fellowship, I hope to obtain an entry-level position in the communications or public sector. Looking towards the long-term future, I aspire to one day hold an elected office on either the state or federal level."

    Kevya Clark

    Kevya Clark
    Keyva Clark will be graduating from UC Riverside with a bachelors degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Keyva is a transfer student who came to UC Riverside fall of 2013 with ambition to immerse herself in the community. After participating in the UCDC program her first spring she knew she had a duty to be a great leader. Being the first Ambassador for the UCDC program in Fall she used her influence and charm to recruit students to the program. In addition she serves as an Advancement Ambassador, Student Alumni Association Executive Board Member, and a African Student Program Mentor. Her passion is to go on to law school were she would like to tackle a dual degree program to acquire not only her Juris Doctrine but also a PhD in Political Science. Her goal is not only practice law but go in to academia were she hope to bring new innovative ideas to the classroom.

    "After Coro I plan to go on to professional school where I plan to expand myself and use the new experiences Coro gives me to make all my goals and dreams come true!"

  • Archived News
  • All UE positions have been filled.

UCR's Graduation Rate Initiative

Last June, EVC/P Dallas Rabenstein appointed a task force to look into the causes of UCR's comparatively low graduation rates and to make recommendations to increase the campus's 4 and 6-year graduation rates.  In January, the Graduation Rate Task Force submitted its final report.  The report has been endorsed by Chancellor Kim Wilcox, EVC/P Rabenstein, and the College deans.

In the coming months the campus will post an implementation plan and reports on the implementation of the recommendations of the Task Force.

The purpose of a university is to produce "more intelligent members of society" by fostering "cultivation of the mind."

John Henry Newman, *The Idea of a University*

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