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About Undergraduate Education

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    Undergraduate Education provides students and instructors with resources that promote academic excellence and student success. The Office of Undergraduate Education serves as the central administration for a number of organizational units across campus that enhance the undergraduate student experience.

  • Our Vision
    1. Foster engagement and promote success for students
    2. Create opportunities for high-achieving students
    3. Ensure every undergraduate has an opportunity to enrich their experience at the university
    4. Reduce the time to degree for undergraduates
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  • Our Goals

    The faculty of UCR hereby declare the following set of general educational goals to be pursued through our individual and collective efforts in teaching and guiding the undergraduates of this campus.

    1. A university education must help students realize their potential as individuals and contributing participants in society. This involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills, as well as preparation for future responsibilities.
    2. A general education provides a framework that enables one to appreciate and critically examine the significant aspects of civilization. This framework is derived from the study of world history; political and economic systems; the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of the peoples of the Earth; the arts and letters of all cultures; the social and natural sciences; and technology. Such a broad education is the foundation for concentrated studies that enable students to prepare for careers and to strive for an understanding of the world in which they live and about which they must make decisions.
    3. A university education nurtures the critical skills of oral and written communication, including the exercise of these skills in a language other than one's own.
    4. It must teach students to become verbally and quantitatively literate, to analyze and synthesize and to regard the acquisition of knowledge as a lifetime activity.
    5. A university education must promote tolerance of the opinions of others and an understanding of the mutual dependence of human beings on each other and their natural environment.
    6. The student's university years also provide an opportunity to develop integrity, self-esteem, self-discipline, style, humanness, commitment to the general welfare, sensitivity to the interplay of environment and technology, and confidence that the human drama is worthy of a lengthy future.

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